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Ordinations in Dehradun, north India June 2016

On Fri, 17 June, 2016 - 10:20
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Ordinations at Dehradun, North India

We are very happy to announce that the following nine people were ordained on 12th June 2016 in Deharadun, India. The Public preceptor for this event was Amoghasiddhi.

Private preceptor Bodhisagara:

Jagdish Gautam from Gutam Buddhanagar, UP, becomes Vishuddhavirya
Sanskrit name: Viśuddhavīrya 
Name meaning: “He whose vigor is completely purified” 

Charansingh Bouddha from New Delhi becomes Prajnyarashmi
Sanskrit name: Prajñāraśmi 
Name meaning: “He who is a light beam of wisdom”

Munshilal Gautam from Delhi becomes Bodhiprakash
Sanskrit name: Bodhiprakāśa 
Name meaning: “He who has the light of awakening” 

Ramveersingh Ken from Meerut, becomes Siddhinaga 
Sanskrit name: Siddhināga
Name meaning: “He who is most excellent in accomplishments”

Karunasagar from Agra, becomes Santmanas
Pali name: Santamānasa
Name meaning: “Calm-minded one”  

Vimalpriya from Agra, becomes Shilarakshita
Sanskrit name: Śīlarakṣita
Name meaning: “Protected by good conduct”

Private preceptor Nagaketu:

Dhammapriya Bouddha from Dehli become Shramanachitta
Sanskrit name: Shramanachita 
Name meaning: “He who has the Mind of Shramana”

Jayprakash Gautam from Delhi, becomes Mitrodhan
Sanskrit name: Mitrodhan
Name meaning: “He who has a treasury of Loving kindness”

Private preceptor Jutindhar:

Narendra Kale from Pune, becomes Prabodhmitra
Sanskrit name: Prabodhmitra
Name meaning: “He who is a friend of Awakening”

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