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Ordinations at Akashavana Retreat Centre June 2018

On Wed, 6 June, 2018 - 14:08
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We are delighted to announce that the following 21 women were ordained at Akashavana on June 2nd, 2018.

Public Preceptor: Subhadramati

Fiona Johnston becomes Suvarnajyoti
A Pali name meaning ‘She who is or has a golden light’
Westernised spelling: Suvarnajyoti
Private Preceptor: Maitrivajri

Elaine Jackson becomes Maitrimati
A Sanskrit name meaning ‘She whose mind turns to loving kindness’
Westernised spelling: Maitrimati
Private Preceptor: Kalyanaprabha

Rachel Green becomes Karunatara
A Sanskrit name meaning ‘She who is a guiding star of compassion’
Westernised spelling: Karunatara
Private Preceptor: Dayanandi

Sue Haynes becomes Bodhilehi
A Sanskrit name meaning ‘She who licks or sips at awakening as if tasting a sweet medicinal liquid’
Westernised spelling: Bodhilehi
Private Preceptor: Atulyamati

Michaela Bueschler becomes Aryajiva
A Pali name meaning ‘She who has a noble and distinguished soul or life-principle’
Westernised spelling: Aryajiva
Private Preceptor: Kulanandi

Sarah Thorne becomes Amrtanadi
A Sanskrit name meaning ‘She who is like a river of the nectar of immortality’
Westernised spelling: Amritanadi
Private Preceptor: Jvalamalini

Karen Leibenguth becomes Vimoksini
A Sanskrit/Pali name meaning ‘She who has liberation’
Westernised spelling: Vimokshini
Private Preceptor: Srivati

Eileen McCarney becomes Atulyamitra
A Sanskrit/Pali name meaning ‘Incomparable or unequalled Friend’
Westernised spelling: Atulyamitra
Private Preceptor: Prajnagita

Savanna Luraschi becomes Upayadhi
A Sanskrit name meaning ‘She who has both wisdom and skilful means’
Westernised spelling: Upayadhi
Private Preceptor: Viveka

Public Preceptor: Dayanandi

Tanja Stevanovic becomes Maitrilila
A Sanskrit name meaning ‘She who has the play of loving kindness’
Westernised spelling: Maitrilila
Private Preceptor: Vidyamala

Ros Murphy becomes Prakasadhi
A Sanskrit name meaning ‘She whose wisdom shines’
Westernised spelling: Prakashadhi
Private Preceptor: Sucitta

Jolanda Acquoi becomes Tarodaya
A Sanskrit name meaning ‘Rising up to Tara, Dawn of Tara’
Westernised spelling: Tarodaya
Private Preceptor: Akasasuri

Annika Buchheister becomes Viryadhi
A Sanskrit name meaning ‘She whose wisdom is energy’
Westernised spelling: Viryadhi
Private Preceptor: Prasadavati

Public Preceptor: Karunadevi

Nora Judd becomes Shraddhadharma
A Sanskrit name meaning ‘She who has the virtue of shraddha’
Westernised spelling: Shraddhadharma
Private Preceptor: Vimalasara

Kerstin Gleim becomes Amaradhi
A Sanskrit name meaning ‘She who has immortal wisdom’
Westernised spelling: Amaradhi
Private Preceptor: Ashokashri

Sue Yeo becomes Muditalila
A Sanskrit name meaning ‘She whose play is sympathetic joy’
Westernised spelling: Muditalila
Private Preceptor: Ratnavandana

Public Preceptor: Ashokashri

Holly Murray becomes Garavavati
A Sanskrit/Pali name meaning ‘She who possesses reverence’
Westernised spelling: Garavavati
Private Preceptor: Subhadramati

Mary Schaefer becomes Saddhavasini
A Pali name meaning ‘She who dwells in trust and confidence’
Westernised spelling: Saddhavasini
Private Preceptor: Amala

Jules Jackson becomes Akasaruci
A Sanskrit/Pali name meaning ‘She who delights in limitless space’
Westernised spelling: Akasharuci
Private Preceptor: Mokshavajri

Anne Lavergne becomes Viriyasati
A Sanskrit/Pali name meaning ‘She whose mindfulness is heroic’
Westernised spelling: Viriyasati
Private Preceptor: Padmatara

Bettye Pruitt becomes Shraddhavani
A Sanskrit name meaning ‘She whose speech is of faith’
Westernised spelling: Shraddhavani
Private Preceptor: Karunadevi

With metta,


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