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Ordinations at Akashavana 3rd June 2017

On Mon, 5 June, 2017 - 12:41
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Ordinations at Akashavana 3rd June 2017

We are pleased to announce the following women celebrated their Public Ordinations at Akashavana Retreat Centre in Spain.

Public Preceptor Parami:

Monika Podgorska becomes Upeksanandi
(dot under the ‘s’, long ‘i’)
Sanskrit / Pali name meaning: She who delights in equanimity
Westernised spelling: Upekshanandi
Private Preceptor: Dharmavasini

Mairead Keane becomes Prajnamayi
(tilde above the ‘n’, long ‘i’) 
Sanskrit name meaning: She who is filled with Wisdom
Westernised spelling: Prajnamayi
Private Preceptor: Paramachitta

Theresa O’Leary becomes Kusalacitta
(long final ‘a’)
Sanskrit / Pali name meaning: She whose mind is skilful
Westernised spelling: Kusalachitta
Private Preceptor: Sudrishti

Jenny Roberts becomes Sakyapada
(Acute accent on the ‘s’, long first and last ‘a’)
Sanskrit name meaning: She whose path is with the Buddha
Westernised spelling: Shakyapada
Private Preceptor: Vijayasri

Public Preceptor Paramachitta:

Patricia Wolff- Peron becomes Aryanita
(long first and last ‘a’ and long ‘i’)
Sanskrit name meaning: She who is guided by what is Noble 
(Celle qui est guidée par ce qui est Noble)
Westernised spelling: Aryanita
Private Preceptor: Vassika

Sarah Jones becomes Akasalila
(acute accent on the ‘s’, long first, second and last ‘a’ and long ‘i’)
Sanskrit name meaning: The play of luminous space
Westernised spelling: Akashalila
Private Preceptor: Amritamati

Public Preceptor Punyamala:

Erica Law becomes Akasasri
(acute accent on both ‘s’ s, long first and second ‘a’ and long ‘i’)
Sanskrit name meaning: She whose Radiance is vast like space
Westernised spelling: Akashashri
Private Preceptor: Vajrajyoti

Bev Wilson becomes Anavajja
(long last ‘a’)
Pali name meaning: Irreproachable (ethical behaviour)
Westernised spelling: Anavajja
Private Preceptor: Atulyamati

Kate Hunt becomes Satyamegha
(long last ‘a’)
Sanskrit name meaning: Being like a cloud of truth
Westernised spelling: Satyamegha
Private Preceptor: Khemasiri

Mary Wild becomes Kamalamati
Sanskrit name meaning: Lotus mind / heart
Westernised spelling: Kamalamati
Private Preceptor: Saddhahadaya

Lynda Rose becomes Anudaya
(long last ‘a’)
Sanskrit name meaning: She who is full of compassion
Westernised spelling: Anudaya
Private Preceptor: Prajnadevi

Lydia Morris becomes Siladevi 
(acute accent on the ‘s’ and long first and last ‘i’)
Sanskrit / Pali name meaning: Goddess of virtue
Westernised spelling: Shiladevi
Private Preceptor: Vajratara

With metta,


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When I saw this picture of Akashalila, (Sarah) I was shocked and overjoyed, I burst into tears as I drove to work, a mixture of joy and unknown emotions, shocked because I hadn’t expected to see her or hear anything at all really except her new name. Mainly I was and still am utterly overjoyed for her and all the women who have just been ordained up there on the mountain. It is truly magical and knowing just how long the journey is both mentally physically and spiritually I am quite in beautiful admiration to you all but most especially Akashalila.

Longing to see her and dance and sing together at this achievement.

Its been a very long 3 months without her, I’d like to thank all of the fantastic support , advice and comfort I have received from those I know at Adhisthana especially Saddhanandi, Danasamudra, Akasajoti, Sangadashana (is that the right name, Lovely German lady)  Pasadadepa and of course all the men in the Monday night study group. And a very special thanks to Meg, Sarah’s dear friend (and mine) who has been so thoughtful and supportive. Bless you all.

I don’t feel like this message comes anywhere near to approximating and conveying just how wonderful it feels and I’m not even Akashalila! WOW to the power of 10, I’ll shut up now.

Love and hyper Metta, Husband Andy XxXxXxXxX, thanks for posting this up it really really helped a lot.

I think the cats miss her to!