College of Public Preceptors

The November 2014 College Meeting - a summary video

On Tue, 2 December, 2014 - 17:32
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An overview of the 2014 Preceptors’ College meeting featuring a message from Bhante, a Skype between Vajragita and the other preceptors which took place just over a week before her death and some insights into discussions about Direct Pointing, Discipleship and the Commonality process.

The video was shot, edited and produced by Moksananda
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sucimani's picture
Fantastically well produced video. Loved it. Great to see Bhante, appreciated hearing a bit about what was discussed at the meeting, felt moved to see part of the skype with Vajragita and enjoyed seeing you all together. Thanks
sudaya's picture
Lovely to see so many public preceptors together and hear a bit about the discussions. Well done to get Vajragita online too! I thought the choice of background music was a bit weird…but overal an excellent summary, thank you.

Janaka's picture
I appreciated this well made and informative little video. I especially liked some of the detail, eg the subtitles. The cuts of Vajragita and Bhante were very moving, and skilfully placed as part of the main theme.
viradhamma's picture
This is a marvelous video. Many thanks to Moksananda for such a high-quality and informative summary of the College meeting. I know that people are very curious to know more about the College and how it functions, and this is very helpful in meeting that need.

manjuvajra's picture
Really good video - nice production and accurate picture of the meeting - I enjoyed seeing Bhante and the clips of Vajragita were particularly moving.
suvannamani's picture
Great…. thank you