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Karunamaya talks about her plans for a women's retreat centre in India

On Fri, 1 December, 2017 - 18:02
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Karunamaya talks to Saccanama about her plans for a women’s retreat centre at Bhaja in India and also about two of the women she will be ordaining at Bhaja in December.

If you want to donate to the retreat centre project, you can do so via the India Dhamma Trust - 

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Thanks so much for posting this. It’s great to hear from Karunamaya, and get a little glimpse of the ordination process for women in India. I hope the plans for a retreat centre for women come through, and that the ordination teams receive enough support for people to be ordained in a timely fashion.Karunamaya mentions a concern that the ordination teams receive funding first, rather than it being diverted to the retreat centre, so bear this in mind if you are considering donating.

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Hi, just to clarify from the India Dhamma Trust’s point of view, we will sponsor the vital work of the ordination teams first before sponsoring the women’s retreat centre.  The ordination teams keep the whole Movement vital and alive, bringing people into the Order from all over India and inspiring their practice once they are ordained.  The more donations we receive, we can make sure the ordination teams are well supported and ensure the women’s retreat centre gets the funds it needs.