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Indians, Australians and a New Zealander ordained together at Bhaja in India

On Fri, 5 February, 2016 - 14:24
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21 men were ordained recently at Bhaja retreat centre in India on a retreat led by Sona. It was a coming together of men from Australia, New Zealand and India for an unusual event cutting across cultural boundaries. 

With these ordinations, there are now over 2000 Order members worldwide.

Eric Barrett (Sydney) becomes: Maitribandha
Meaning of name: He who is bound by Maitri
Private preceptor: Viraja
Public preceptor: Sona.
David Brockman (Sydney) becomes: Chandramalin
Meaning of name: He who is encircled by the moon.
Private preceptor: Dharmananda
Public preceptor: Sona.
Julian Narborough becomes: Dharmaraja
Meaning of name: He who leads with the Dharma
Private preceptor: Viraja
Public preceptor: Sona.
Stephen Groenewegen becomes: Manichitta
Meaning of name: He who’s mind is a Jewel
Private preceptor: Khemadhamma
Public preceptor: Sona.
Steve Kurmann (from Auckland) becomes: Chittamuni
Meaning of name: Sage of the Heart
Private preceptor: Khemadhamma
Public preceptor: Sona.
Jayaram Chengalur (who spent time in Sydney) becomes Jinarakshita
Meaning of name: He who is protected by the Jinas
Private preceptor: Yasosagar
Public preceptor: Subhuti.
Shamsundar D. Jondhale becomes: Chandragarbha
Meaning of Name: Cool like the interior of the moon
Private preceptor: Chandrabodhi
Manik D. Akhade becomes: Kalyanaratna
Private preceptor: Jnanadhvaja
Yashvant Shripati Gholap becomes: Samantratna
Meaning of Name: A complete jewel
Private preceptor: Adityabodhi
Vilas Gauru Tambe becomes: Jinakirti
Meaning of Name: Having the glory of a conqueror
Private preceptor: Adityabodhi
Sakaram J. Sarode becomes: Padmagarbha
Meaning of Name: Gentle like the interior of a lotus
Private preceptor: Chandrabodhi
Vijay Mahadev Katare becomes: Jnanakirti
Private preceptor: Adityabodhi
Laxman Dhole becomes: Krantivirya
Meaning of Name: The Energy/Heroism of Revolution
Private preceptor: Loknath
Babarao Jungade becomes: Aryabhushan
Meaning of Name: Ornament of the Noble Ones / Noble Ornament
Private preceptor: Loknath
Charan Khairkir becomes: Upeksharatna
Meaning of Name: The Jewel of Equanimity
Private preceptor: Loknath
Ananat Ambo More becomes: Amrutbandhu
Meaning of Name: The Kinsman of Liberation/Nirvana
Private preceptor: Adityabodhi
Suresh Raosaheb Lhonde becomes: Samantbandhu
Meaning of Name: Kinsman of all
Private preceptor: Adityabodhi
Subash T. Barathe becomes: Jnanachitta
Private preceptor: Amrutdeep
Ashok A. Dongare becomes: Amolratna
Meaning of Name: Invaluable/precious jewel
Private preceptor: Amrutdeep
Dilip P. Gamare becomes: Satyasiddhi
Meaning of Name: Accomplishment of Truth
Private preceptor: Ratnashil
Shailendra S. Ghodke becomes: Satyakumar
Meaning of Name: The boy named Truth
Private preceptor: Amoghasiddhi

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