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Four women ordained at Bhaja in India

On Fri, 1 April, 2016 - 09:48
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Women’s Ordinations at Bhaja Retreat Centre India

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The following women were ordained in the context of an intensive meditation retreat at Saddhamma Pradeep Retreat Centre, Bhaja, Maharashtra, India.

Sangeeta Kamale becomes Sriarya
Meaning: ”she who is pure, excellent, noble”

Pratibha Katare becomes Amoghamani
Meaning: “she who has the jewel of success”

Ashwini Gaiakawad becomes Yashokirti
Meaning: “she who is famous through success”

(The three women above are from Chunabhatti centre, Mumbai)

Nanubai Salawe becomes Kshantipriya
Meaning: “she who loves patience, forgiveness”

(Kshantipriya is from Upanagar centre, Mumbai)

Private Preceptor: Jnanasuri
Public Preceptor: Karunamaya

With metta,

on behalf of the women’s ordination team

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