College of Public Preceptors

Day 5 of the College meeting with Parami & Kamalashila

On Mon, 17 November, 2014 - 09:37
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Parami and Kamalasila chat on the sofa. Kamalasila talks of his experience of the college over ten years, of friendships which deepen through coming together. They also talk about the college members’ diverse responses to the direct pointing pilot project.
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Hello Parami et al

I’ve really been enjoying getting a sense of the college and the way you all work together, and I find it really inspiring. So thanks for posting these interviews and conversations.
viradhamma's picture
Very helpful look at what the College is discussing. Thanks
Celeste's picture
Great to see the sanctioning of this……… really really important addition to practice……exciting times <3 x
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Such good news that the direct pointing methods are being included. It only makes sense, they are ancient proven traditions. Reflectiing on impermanence and non-self, self-clinging happening ALL the time, these are excellent teachings, thank you Kamalashila. Some of our most inspiring teachers within the Order have attainments they are willingly sharing with us, and I, for one, am grateful to them for sharing their direct experiences, and am happy the conversation is open and ongoing.