College of Public Preceptors

Day 4 of the College meeting with Karunamaya & Nagabodhi

On Sat, 15 November, 2014 - 07:30
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This evening Parami talks to Karunamaya and Nagabodhi. Karunamaya talks of the 800 women training for ordination in India and Nagabodhi tells us of working with men training to join the order in the USA, Australia and New Zealand. We hear of the cultural differences and the spiritual similarities between those situations.
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I’m trying to hear the interviews with the public preceptors, as I’m interested in what they are saying, but am finding them very hard to hear. Can anything be done about making them louder, please? With thanks Kalyanasri

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Hi Kalyanasri. I’ve just listened again and am not having any problems with the sound. I’m wondering whether it may be the device you are using. I will also ask Candradasa whether he can have a listen and suggest a way of improving the sound quality.
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My ‘device’ is a MacBook Pro with volume turned onto full!!! Missed about half of what Karunamaya and Nagabodhi was saying but could hear Parami more easily. Oh dear! Thanks for getting back to me.
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I’ve asked Candradasa to see whether we can do anything to improve the sound quality. Will let you know how it goes!
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Hi all, yes I’ve just turned up the volume on this and other recordings in the series. You may have to refresh your page a few times to hear it (the old version is likely cached in your browser).