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College Working Arrangements Updated May 2018

On Wed, 23 May, 2018 - 17:45
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The Preceptors’ College has a number of agreed ways of going about our work as outlined in the Working Arrangements. While we observe them quite carefully, they are not fixed rules, but flexible responses to how best we can work together in the clearest and most spiritually useful way for the Order. From time to time we review and update them where necessary, as has recently happened.

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Thanks Saccanama and College for this document. Very clear.

I am left intrigued by C3 para 3.6  ” The Chair will try to develop ways of testing and training Private Preceptors, with the help of the Deputy-Chairs, and will train other College members in this work.” .What would be an example of  ‘testing’ a private preceptor?

with best wishes,


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Hi Arcismati,

It’s good to know that someone actually reads these things!

I think the ‘testing’ refers to the private preceptor process i.e. testing that they do have the confidence of the wider Order to conduct ordinations.

I hope that helps.



P.S. Saddhaloka adds - 

The implication of this section is simply that being appointed a Private Preceptor is not the end of the story, and that there will be ongoing training, for example through attending GFR retreats and working closely with the ordination teams, and through retreats specifically for Private Preceptors, led by Public Preceptors. Training will include areas like entering more deeply into the Six Element Practice and how to teach it, and similarly with sadhana. Also practise of the precepts and confession. We hope that the meeting of Kula Representatives from Areas around the world will be taking on more and more the whole  issue of Preceptor training, and ensuring shared standards around the world.

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Don’t worry Saccanama….. some of us read these things….. carefully! :-)  xx

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yes, thanks for clarifying. Okay, I get it.

I appreciate all the work you ‘guys’ (=people) are doing!

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Out of interest, who are currently the Deputy-Chairs and Chair’s Council?

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Hi Dhammakumara,

The current deputy-chairs are Ratnadharini, Paramabandhu and Amrutdeep. They have been serving in the post since Saddhaloka became chair in 2015.

With regards the Chair’s Council, Saddhaloka writes the following -

The Chairs Council is still very much in formation, so there is not yet an established membership. We have recognised a need for overlap with the Steering Group of the International Council, so that we do not duplicate efforts and continue to work closely together. This includes College Chair (Saddhaloka), a Deputy Chair (Ratndharini), Convenor of the International Council (Dhammarati), and an International Order Convenor (Lokeshvara). Others invited to the two meetings held so far have included OMs covering a wide span of generations and experience in the Order, including someone ordained in the last two or three years. There will be another meeting early June, and meetings in September and October.
Before too long we plan to set up a Chair’s Council blog on the BuddhistCentreonline to keep people informed of developments.

I hope that helps.


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I’d welcome some clarification regarding the role of the Chair’s Council. When did it start, who is on it, what is its remit? How does it differ to the College?

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Hi Prabhakari,

Sorry for not replying sooner but I have been away on solitary retreat. I have also now stopped working for the College so am going to ask Jyotika, who has taken over from me, to reply.