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College of Public Preceptors – ‘At Home for Visitors’

On Thu, 21 March, 2019 - 16:16
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Is there anything you would really like to talk through with a Public Preceptor? As an experiment, Saddhaloka and Ratnadharini have posted dates below when they will each be available at Adhisthana to meet with people, individually or small groups, who would like an opportunity to talk with them in person. There is a lot of information online these days, but we also really appreciate being able to meet people directly. 

You might like to ask us about the College itself, or about Triratna more generally; if we think there is someone else who would be better placed to respond, we may be able to suggest who that might be. If this experiment proves useful, we may be able to extend it to include other Public Preceptors in other places.

If you would be interested, please contact Jyotika on collegeassistant [at] and he will be able to give you more information and make dates. If you’ve never been to Adhisthana before, we’ll be happy to arrange for you to be shown around.

Friday 5th or Saturday 6th April

Friday 12th or Saturday 13th April

Chair College of Public Preceptors

Deputy Chair

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Is there possibility for virtual meetings for people who live outside commuting distance? I know meeting virtually isn’t the same as meeting in person, but a lot of people really cannot get to Adhisthana for geographical or financial reasons.
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From Saddhaloka:

Dear Shrijnana,

Many thanks for your inquiry. Ratnadharini and I sympathise and understand very well that not everyone can get go Adhisthana. Our ‘At Home for Visitors’ in April is an experiment, and we want to start off with just a couple of weekends meeting face-to-face and see how that goes.  Also, at present WiFi at Adhisthana can be very unreliable and frustrating. After this summer we hope to have fibre optic cable working and a much more reliable WiFi that will open up many more possibilities.

Warm thoughts,


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Thank you, Saddhaloka. I look forward to hearing about the results of the experiment and the new possibilities that will arise with better wifi.