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Chairs' Letter – February 2020

On Wed, 26 February, 2020 - 12:45
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Dear Order Members,

I’ve been aware of the inauguration of the impressive Toluca Buddhist Centre, and also of the 20th anniversary of the Oslo Buddhist Centre; sadhu to both!

Adhisthana is a stimulating place to live with so many people passing through and the simpler community space earlier this year, during which time we spend a week together without any other events or guests, was welcome. Sometimes longer term guests such as Shraddhapa or Vidyaruci spontaneously offer study on a variety of material, from Paradise Lost to a Survey of Buddhism, and I was able to drop in on a couple of excellent presentations during a recent Philosophy symposium exploring some of the modern views we swim in (in particular: affective scientific naturalism, romantic expressivism, and the Protestant reformation).

The Adhisthana Kula reconvened to work on a summary of our work to date, with the help of another Order member. We hope this will give everyone a sense of what we have been aware of, how we’ve responded to that, and what we think remains to be addressed; as well as inviting input and comment. We want to get this work done as soon as possible, but have all been busy with our ‘day jobs’.

Responding to the recent Observer article was one of the things I hadn’t anticipated, and that took time. I was fortunate to have the support and help of other Order members and Mitras with experience of the media, and am realising more fully that I need to delegate as much as possible.

I would like to mention some significant projects that are in the pipeline, especially: drawing up a clear and comprehensive account of our ethical pathways; a discussion about Safeguarding and Order ethics; and an exploration of improvements to our communication structures. I want to mention them here as I’m aware they are areas that have been flagged as needing attention, but they will take time, care and patience.

I aim to use this monthly letter to let people know what is happening, and invite you to draw my attention to anything else.

Ratnadharini, College Chair 

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