College of Public Preceptors

Ashokashri appointed as a public preceptor

On Fri, 22 January, 2016 - 15:02
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Ashokashri found the movement in 1977, having discovered she was a Buddhist and starting to meditate a few months before. She was ordained by Bhante Urgyen Sangharakshita at Padmaloka in 1980. For the next 7 years she lived in a women’s community, worked in the team-based livelihood (a café and shop) and taught at the Croydon Buddhist Centre. During those years, she was also involved in leading activities for women throughout the UK. In 1985, Sanghadevi, Vidyasri and Ashokashri set up the first women’s preparation for ordination (POP) series of retreats.

She moved to Norwich in 1987, continuing with the POP retreats for a few more years and taught at the Norwich Buddhist Centre. She helped form a new women’s community there and began working with others in Windhorse:Evolution to set  up shops in Norwich and Great Yarmouth. She later became one of a team offering support to other Evolution shops around the country.

After moving back to London in 1997 to take a sabbatical and care for her ageing mother, she went to University to study English Literature and History of Art.

For the last 15 years she has been visiting the USA to help women there deepen their practice and understanding of the Triratna Buddhist Order. She is part of the American ordination team responsible for Going for Refuge retreats and women entering the Order. She was also one of the North American Order convenors for a couple of years.  When not doing that she works for a local authority in London in Adult Community Learning. In any spare time, she likes making stitched and printed textile art.

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Well done, Ashokashri - may you flourish in your new role.  xx

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Sadhu, Ashokasri, may it be of much benefit to you and many others.