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47 men ordained at Bordharan in India 17th December 2017

On Thu, 4 January, 2018 - 15:04
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On Sunday 17th December 2017, the largest number of ordinations on any one day in the history of Triratna occurred in India.

The following 47 men were ordained at Bordharan retreat centre and, as previously posted, 21 women were ordained on the same day at Bhaja

1 Kashinath Jadhav from Thane becomes Anomaditya

2 Shukhdev Wankhede from Ulhasnagar becomes Maniveer

3 Shankar Bhorge from Ulhasnagar becomes Sheeldhvaj

4 Gautam Teltumbde from Wardha becomes Aryanand

5 Pandhari Ramteke from Wardha becomes Aryanistha

6 Hiraman Lohakare from Sevagram, Wardha becomes Karunasiddhi

7 Manik Rangari from Deori, Bhandara becomes Anomkumar

 8 Naren Moon from Wardha becomes Aryachhand

 9 Narayan Bhagat from north Nagpur becomes Kushalaratna

10 Kishanchand from Meeruth, UP becomes Dharmakant

11 Milind Gajbhiye from South-West Nagpur becomes Chandranaga

12 Mahadev Jagtap from Camp, Pune becomes Shraddhabal

13 Murlidhar Patil from Camp, Pune becomes Bodhideep

14 Ratnakar More from Ulhasnagar becomes Akshayabodhi

15 Rajesh Gade from Panwel, Mumbai becomes Dharmabal

16 Makdoom from Deharadun, UP becomes Karmaditya

17 Santalal from Deharadun, UP becomes Prabuddhachitta

18 Kamalshing from Modinagar, UP becomes Dhammadhvaja

19 Harshavardhan from Modinagar, UP becomes Maitreyadeep

20 Rajbahudur Baudha from Kanpur, UP becomes Shakyaketu

21 Santosh Ramteke from Gondia, Bhandara becomes Amoghakumar

22 Satish Gawai from Raipur, Chattisgarh becomes Akshayvajra

23 Nitin Raut from HRC Bordharan becomes Akshayaratna

24 Shyamsundar from Kanpur, UP becomes Sheelvajra

25 Ajaypal from Kanpur, UP becomes Jinaveer

26 Brahmalal from Agra, UP becomes Siddhikumar

27 Chandu Kokare from Nanded becomes Karunadhvaja

28 Kishan Kamble from Nanded becomes Anandagarbha

29 Nitin Mohite from Ratnagiri becomes Chandranath

30 Suresh Ghule from Nanded becomes Prajnarakshita

31 Mahesh Pednekar from Goa becomes Prajnachakshu

32 Manik Shegokar from Pimpri becomes Dhyanaratna

33 Ashok Waghmare from Yeotmal becomes Dhyanchitta

34 Arvind Pudake from Yeotmal becomes Achalachitta

35 Milind Khandare from Dapodi, Pune becomes Prabodharatna

36 Vinay Kamble from Ratnagiri becomes Amrutsagar

37 Gautam Shinde from Ratnagiri becomes Satyasagar

38 Ram Shavare from Chiplun becomes Jinaruchi

39 Padmavajra from Bhaja becomes Jinasiddhi

40 Ashvajeet from Ulhasnagar becomes Dhairyasiddhi

41 Dhammadeep from Bhaja becomes Manjuvaca

42 Diwakar from Goa becomes Jinacitta

43 Rajmohan from Bhaja becomes Aryasambhava

44 Ashok Kamble from Camp, Pune becomes Vinayaprabha

45 Baburao Waghmare from Pimpri, Pune becomes Kalyanbandu

46 Bhagwan Gadankush from Satara becomes Sanghaditya

47. Vilas Ubale from Sangli becomes Jnanasena

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!

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