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3 ordinations in New Zealand September 2016

On Mon, 26 September, 2016 - 15:17
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Three Ordinations in New Zealand

Varadevi and Dharmanandi are delighted to announce the names of three new Dharmacharinis.

Public Preceptor Varadevi

Andrea Gill becomes Ujjalamati
(Pali -  all short vowels)
Private Preceptor:  Dharmanandi
Meaning of name:  She whose mind is radiant

Public Preceptor Dharmanandi

Kate  Drury becomes Saccattha
(Pali -  long second and last a)
Meaning of name:  She whose goal is the Truth
Private Preceptor: Varadevi

Natalie Grace becomes Karunajoti
(Pali -  long second a and long i)
Meaning of name:  She who has the splendour of compassion
Private Preceptor: Varadevi

With Metta,
Varadevi and Dharmanandi

Left to right in the photo - Karunajoti (She who has the splendour of compassion), Ujjalamati (She whose mind is radiant), Dharmanandi (public preceptor), Saccattha (She whose goal is the Truth) and Varadevi (public preceptor).

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