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21 women's ordinations in India December 2017

On Fri, 22 December, 2017 - 09:01
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Dear friends

We are very happy to announce that on Sunday 17 December 2017 the following 21 women had their public ordination at Saddhamma Pradeep retreat centre Bhaja.

This is the largest number of Dhammacharinis to be ordained at one time in India.

Private Preceptor Karunamaya:

1) Sunanda Popatkar, Nagpur
becomes Shraddhakirti
Name meaning: She who is famous for faith

2) Sujata Thool, Wardha
becomes Maitrijaya
Name meaning: She who conquers with loving kindness

3) Smita Jadhav, Mumbai
becomes Maitrimodini
Name meaning: She who takes delight in loving kindnesses

4) Maya Jagtap, Thane Mumbai
becomes Sanghahridaya
Name meaning: She who has the sangha in her heart/or who cares about the sangha from her heart.

The Public Preceptor was Jnanasuri.

Private Preceptor Jnanasuri:

5) Bharati Waghamare, Pimpri Pune
becomes Shantidana
Name meaning: she who gives peace 

6) Vishakha Kamble, Pimpri Pune
becomes Amalajyoti
Name meaning: pure light 

7) Shobha Bhivagade, Nagpur
becomes Sarvottama
Name meaning: best of all 

8) Panchashila Suryawaish Pimpri, Pune
becomes Mruduhridaya
Name meaning: tender hearted 

The Public Preceptor was Karunamaya

Private Preceptor Vijaya:

9) Sushila Rahate, Nanded
becomes Aryadipa
Name meaning: Noble lamp

10) Sushila Karwade, Poolgao
becomes Asangvajri
Name meaning: unattached diamond

11) Padma Meshram, Poolgao
becomes Amrutvajri
Name meaning: nectar diamond

12) Rekha Hirkane, Nagpur
becomes Amalavajri
Name meaning: Pure diamond

The Public Preceptor was Karunamaya 

Private Preceptor Suprabha:

13) Kaushalya Moon, Hinganghat
becomes Jayottama
Name meaning: Excellent victory

14) Bhagyashri Ramteke, Chandrapur
becomes Amoghashri
Name meaning: Unfailing prosperity

The Public Preceptor was Karunamaya 

Private Preceptor Suprabha: 

15) Venu Dhoke, Nagpur
becomes Amitachitta
Name meaning: The one with immeasurable mind

16) Vijaya Kamble, Wardha
becomes Amoghasraddha
Name meaning: Unfailing faith

The Public Preceptor was Jnanasuri

Private Preceptor Shubhajaya:

17) Chaya Jadhav, Pune
becomes Shilashraddha
Name meaning: Faith in shila

18) Kalpana Patole, Pune
becomes Shantishraddha
Name meaning: Faith in peace 

19) Sumitra Jondhale, Nanded
becomes Bodhishraddha
Name meaning: Faith in awakening

The Public Preceptor was Jnanasuri 

Private Preceptor Jayamani:

20) Chaya Kamble, Pune
becomes Amoghanetri
Name meaning: The unfailing, successful leader

The Public Preceptor was Jnanasuri 

Private Preceptor Jayamani :

21) Gumpha Sakhare, Nagpur
becomes Shakyanandi
Name meaning: She who takes joy in Shakyamuni Buddha 

The Public Preceptor was Karunamaya 


With metta,

for the Indian women’s Ordination Team

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