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18 ordinations at Hsuen Tsang Retreat centre, Bordharan, India 11th October 2015

On Mon, 19 October, 2015 - 14:45
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We are delighted to announce that the following men were publicly ordained at Hsuen Tsang Retreat centre, Bordharan, India on 11th October 2015.
There old and new name with their centers and their private and public preceptors are as follows.

01. Y. K Jagatap from Thane becomes Pradnyaveer which means ‘a wise hero’.
Private preceptor : Amrutdeep
Public preceptor : Amoghasiddhi

02. Dhanaraj Dabrase from Katol becomes Karunaratna which means ‘the jewel of compassion’.
03. Dattuji Gadage from Varud becomes Bodhinandan which means ‘one who rejoice in Enlightenment’.
04. Prakash Adhav from Varud becmes Tejomuni which means ‘an illustrious sage’.
05. Dharmanand Manohare from Morshi becomes Prasannadarshi which means ‘a faithful observer’.
Private preceptor : Nagaketu
Public preceptor : Amoghasiddhi

06. Sudhakar from Hyderabad becomes Buddharuchi which means ‘one having the glory of Enlightenment’.
Private preceptor : Ratnashil
Public preceptor : Amoghasiddhi

07. Vishwas Yelve from Khed becomes Amrutruchi which means ‘one who is fond of dealthless Nirvana or the one having luster of Nirvana’.
08. Siddharth Jagatap from Upanagar, Mumbai becomes Vimuktachitta which means ‘the one of Liberated Mind’.
09. Arun Jadhav from Thane becomes Vajraditya which means ‘the son of diamond like wisdom’.
Private preceptor : Adityabodhi
Public preceptor : Amrutdeep

10. Sangat Thorat from Pune, camp becomes Shraddhadeep which means ‘a lamp of faith.’
Private preceptor : Yashosagar
Public preceptor : Amrutdeep

11.Subhash Sankapal from Pune, camp becomes Anomaratna which means ‘a supreme or excellent jewel’.
Private preceptor : Anomadassi
Public preceptor : Amrutdeep

12.Rajdatta Kasabe from Pune camp becomes Guhyajeta which means ‘the winner of the inner treasure’.
Private preceptor : Ratnashil
Public preceptor : Amrutdeep

13.Sukhadeorao Maiskar from New Amraoti becomes Vimalachandra which means ‘a stainless, spotless Moon’.
14. Sharad Adhao from New Amraoti becomes Vimalasurya which means ‘a stainless, spotless, pure Sun’.
15. Ujwal Ramteke from North Nagpur becomes Prajnyadarshi which means ‘one who observer with the Wisdom’.
16. Buddhapriya Khade from Bhadravati becomes Amaladarshin which means ‘the one observe stainless, pure state of Nirvana’.
Private preceptor : Amoghasiddhi
Public preceptor : Adityabodhi

17. Pradeep Chawhan from Upanagar, Mumbai becomes Anomaraja which means ‘a supreme king or excellent king’.
Private preceptor : Anomadassi
Public preceptor : Adityabodhi

18. Satish Warbhuwan from Bhusawal becomes Aadyaratna which means ‘first or leading jewel’.
Private preceptor : Ratnashil
Public preceptor : Adityabodhi
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