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The College of Public Preceptors is made up of senior and experienced Order members from around the world who are actively involved in the training of men and women for ordination. They make the final decision about people’s readiness for ordination and perform the public ordination ceremonies. They bring to the College a broad range of backgrounds, life experience and knowledge. Some have lived and worked within Triratna institutions all their adult lives, some have raised families and some have worked in various professions. Not all senior and experienced Order members are College members. Those who are have chosen to serve the Order and community in this particular way, overseeing and supporting ordination training.

The College’s primary responsibility is in the ordination of men and women within the Triratna Order. 

It currently has 44 members. While the majority live in the UK, others live in India, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Germany and the USA.

About this site
In addition to providing information about the College of Public Preceptors, this site has a range of resources and materials for people who are interested in learning more about the Triratna Order and Community, Friends, Mitras and Mitras who are training for Ordination.

Look at our latest posts for news from the College of recent preceptor appointments and ordinations, as well as the monthly letter from the College Chair and bi-annual newsletter. Follow these links for information on how you can support the work of the College, and for a current list of Public Preceptors and Private Preceptors. Or, for more information on the Preceptors’ College, to find out more about individual Public Preceptors, to see the up to date working arrangements of the College, and more, you can visit the College website: preceptorscollege.online 

You can contact the College using the following email: collegeassistant@adhisthana.org 


Dear Order members and friends,...

Dear Order members and friends...

Dear Order members + friends,

For several years now, during each...