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Big Problems, Big Compassion | the inner and outer work of spiritual transformation and social change Text Post Suddhayu 07 September, 2020
The Awakening Heart – how to become a buddha when everything is really hard Text Post Suddhayu 29 April, 2020
Sit, Simplify, Transform! Text Post Suddhayu 22 February, 2020
Wise Up! Buddhist Teachings for Awareness and Transformation Text Post Suddhayu 25 May, 2020
Transform Your Life With Meditation Text Post Suddhayu 01 January, 2021
The Death of Urgyen Sangharakshita Text Post Suddhayu 30 October, 2018
Meditation for Beginners Text Post Suddhayu 03 April, 2021
Find Your Depth with Meditation Text Post Suddhayu 04 August, 2021
The Path of Transformation: Embracing Change and Finding Refuge in Unsettled Times Text Post Suddhayu 07 August, 2021
Wise Up! Buddhist Teachings for Awareness and Transformation Text Post Suddhayu 05 December, 2021
A Statement of Solidarity and Compassion Text Post Suddhayu 24 March, 2021
The Wheel of Life | the journey of life, death and liberation Text Post Suddhayu 07 February, 2021
Heart of Glass: How to Live and Help in a World that Breaks Your Heart Text Post Suddhayu 05 November, 2020
Meditate for Peace Election Day Text Post Suddhayu 03 November, 2020
Samsara Hacks — Dharma for Everyday Life and Liberation Text Post Suddhayu 01 January, 2021
Shutdown Samsara! An Everyday Path to Nirvana Text Post Suddhayu 05 January, 2021
Lunchtime Meditation: Kindness for Self & Others Text Post Suddhayu 07 February, 2021
The Buddha and the Goddess of the Earth – an introduction to buddhism and meditation through the nature symbolism of the Buddha’s story Text Post Suddhayu 25 October, 2020
New Series! Making it Summer in the Heart: the Buddha’s Way of Kindness, Compassion and Calm Text Post SarahF 01 May, 2018
New Intro Course beginning June 6! "Mindfulness, Kindness and the Buddha's Way" Text Post SarahF 10 May, 2018
Examination of Energy and Effort this Sunday Text Post SarahF 22 March, 2018
New Intro Course: Mindfulness, Kindness and the Buddha's Way Text Post SarahF 15 May, 2018
Join Us in Celebration with Bettye Before She Travels for Ordination Text Post SarahF 28 March, 2018
Imagining The Word - Sangha Morning June 12th at the PBC Text Post Candradasa 08 June, 2016
Sangha Morning - Imagination In Action Text Post Candradasa 15 June, 2016
Community Morning - Compassion In Tough Times Text Post Candradasa 24 June, 2016
Viradhamma on the Work of the Nagaloka Institute, India Talk Candradasa 27 April, 2012
Embracing the Winter of Things Text Post Candradasa 06 January, 2018
All Of Us... Video Embed Candradasa 31 May, 2012
Reflecting On Peace - A Sangha Gathering for Memorial Day Text Post Candradasa 26 May, 2016
First Arts Evening at the PBC! Text Post Candradasa 07 October, 2013
Community Sundays - Imagining Your Practice Text Post Candradasa 03 June, 2016
Community Morning - Soaring, Resonating Text Post Candradasa 30 June, 2016
Community Morning - Keeping Things in Perspective Text Post Candradasa 06 July, 2016
This Sunday: With the Buddha in the Park Text Post Candradasa 12 August, 2017
Portsmouth Men's Study Group Candradasa 15 April, 2014
New Program For Fall/Winter 2017 - Out Now! Resource Candradasa 09 July, 2017
Portsmouth Buddhist Center Program Winter-Spring 2017 - Out Now! Text Post Candradasa 13 January, 2017
First Meditation And Dedication Of Our New Home! Text Post Candradasa 29 September, 2017
Money, Sex, God, Death, America! A New Five-Part Series At PBC Text Post Candradasa 04 October, 2017
Two Celebrations - One Sangha! Text Post Candradasa 15 July, 2016
Money Makes The World Go Round Text Post Candradasa 13 October, 2017
An Invitation from Patience to Her Mitra Ceremony Text Post Candradasa 20 July, 2016
The newest Mitras! Resource Candradasa 30 August, 2012
Who Was The Buddha, What Did He Teach, Why Does It Matter? Text Post Candradasa 05 July, 2018
Spiritual Receptivity and Just Sitting Talk Candradasa 16 October, 2012
Religion Without God, Part 3 - Death and the Biggest Questions of All Talk Candradasa 20 October, 2012
Religion Without God, Part 4 - Magic For the Modern World Talk Candradasa 10 November, 2012
Resources for Religion Without God, Week 4, Magic for the Modern World Text Post Candradasa 12 November, 2012
New resources posted... Text Post Candradasa 15 October, 2012
Religion Without God, Part 2: Sex and Morality - Going Beyond Puritanism Talk Candradasa 12 October, 2012
The Five Things That Make Us Up: A Buddhist View of Being and Experience Text Post Candradasa 04 October, 2018
A Buddhist Revolution Text Post Candradasa 19 October, 2018
Death and the Self, and the Buddha's Unanswered Questions Talk Candradasa 08 October, 2012
Resources for Religion Without God, Week 3, Death and the Biggest Questions of All Text Post Candradasa 10 November, 2012
Religion Without God (full series now available) Image Post Candradasa 15 November, 2012
Being With Ourselves, Knowing Ourselves: How To Hold Our Experience In A Complicated World Text Post Candradasa 30 August, 2018
What Is A Modern Buddhist Community? Starts 15th January 2017 Text Post Candradasa 12 January, 2017
New Summer Series! Meditating on the Earth, Sitting with the Elements Text Post Candradasa 04 July, 2018
The Positive Nidanas - Sources Text Post Candradasa 19 September, 2012
An Introduction to Buddhist Meditation on the Seacoast Text Post Candradasa 01 September, 2018
Religion Without God, Part 1 - A Radical Community of Values Talk Candradasa 04 October, 2012
Candradasa in conversation on Pagan FM Talk Candradasa 12 January, 2013
Parami - Six Emphases In Triratna's Approach To Buddhism Text Post Candradasa 25 May, 2015
A Workshop On Patience Text Post Candradasa 24 March, 2015
Opening to Amazement and Joy as a Condition for Insight Text Post Candradasa 20 September, 2018