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Yin Yoga

On Fri, 31 January, 2020 - 17:27
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An ongoing weekly class beginning Friday February 21st, 2020, 9:15 to 10:30, at our new location at 40 Deer street in Portsmouth, NH!

Yin yoga is a style of yoga where stretches are held for a number of minutes with the intention of creating mild-medium sensation in a target area of the body. The steady stress placed on the target area moves deeper into the muscle tissue, fascia and connective tissue. Brief rests are held in-between poses in order to allow circulation, regeneration and rejuvenation into joints and tissue, in which greater resiliency, mobility and stability are created. This exercise is also one for the mind – focus is maintained in each particular area of the body to follow the sensation and make sure it stays healthy, while maintaining ease in the rest of the body. Wear comfortable clothing to stay warm because the resting heart rate can decrease in longer held poses.

Fees: First class is $5! $18 drop in; $150 for a 10 class pass. Payment can be made on site (cash, check or card); no need for pre-registration.

Meagan’s first introduction to yoga came when she won a “Yoga for Dummies” DVD during her senior year of college, she immediately began practicing in her dorm almost everyday. She graduated college and moved up to the NH Seacoast area and felt welcomed into the beautiful yoga community. Her studies have brought her all over the world, working and studying yoga near and far. She also has a love for her work in massage and a passion for studying the dharma (the Buddha’s teachings) with PBC. Meagan’s start in yoga began her spiritual journey and transformed her teaching to incorporate the healing arts and the dharma on the yoga mat.

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