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The Wheel of Life | the journey of life, death and liberation

On Sun, 7 February, 2021 - 21:32
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A six-week course on Monday evenings, Feb 22nd—March 29th, 6:30-8pm EST

Join us for a deep dive into Buddhist teaching and meditation practice. This course is great for anyone with a little experience of Buddhist meditation who would like to explore their practice more deeply. We will use the Bhavachakra or the Wheel of Life to understand the difficulties of the human situation and to reveal the possibilities that the Dharma (the teaching of the Buddha) presents for us.

The Wheel of Life is a teaching tool and a mirror. It represents the cycle of birth and death that all beings traverse. When we look into it, we see ourselves: our pleasure, our pain, our habits – and our potential for liberation. 

With a focus on ethical awareness and meditation, we will use the teachings of the Wheel to:

— learn about karma and the benefits of skilful action

— reveal the root causes of human suffering and approaches to easing suffering

— explore meditation teachings that lead to deep integration and bliss

— gain new models and tools for understanding consciousness 

— explore the role of imagination in spiritual life

— learn how to bring forth your own potential for creative response

All level two courses at PBC are offered by donation. For this course we suggest $60-$120 for the whole course ($10-$20 per class). A Zoom link will be sent to you before the course begins. Click here to book.

Led by Dh Suddhayu. Suddhayu developed an interest in Eastern thought and meditation as a teenager. In 1992 he attended a life-changing meditation retreat at Aryaloka. Soon after, he moved into the residential community there, where he lived for the next eight years, exploring his love of Dharma, meditation and community. He lived in England for six months where he worked for a Buddhist Right Livelihood project, and attended a four month retreat in the mountains of Spain where he was ordained into the Triratna Buddhist Order. In the new century, Suddhayu married Lona Kovacs and co-founded Touching Earth Farm CSA and Portsmouth Buddhist Center. He has been teaching meditation and Buddhism workshops and leading retreats since 1998. He currently works full-time for Dharma initiatives as Chair at the Portsmouth Buddhist Center and Manager of Aryaloka.

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