Portsmouth Buddhist Center

The Wheel of Life: an Exploration of Karma and Rebecoming

On Fri, 28 August, 2015 - 13:51
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Seven Wednesday evenings beginning August 19th.

The wheel of life is a teaching tool and a mirror. It represents the cycle of birth and death that all beings traverse. When we look into it, we see ourselves; our pleasure, our pain, our habit and even our potential for liberation.
These classes will give a thorough introduction to the symbolism of the wheel and the cosmic vision it represents. Our delving into the wheel promises to be both intellectually stimulating, and emotionally gripping!

Can you find yourself in this mirror? What is really there?

By donation, $10-5 suggested per session.

Aug 19th — What is Karma and Rebecoming?
Aug 26th — Three Beasts; A White Path and a Black Path
Sept 2nd — The Realm of Animals and Humankind; Becoming Human
Sept 9th — Hungry Ghosts and Hell-Beings; Our Response to Suffering
Sept 16th — Gods and Titans; Nothing Lasts Forever -or- What are you Fighting for?
Sept 23rd — Twelve pictures, Twelve Stories
Sept 30th — Mind, Reactive or Creative? Every Moment has an Answer

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