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The Wheel of Life | A User’s Manual for Samsara

On Sat, 1 January, 2022 - 20:28
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Every Sunday 10-11:30am ET on Zoom

In our Sunday sessions this winter, we will explore some core ideas about the difficulties of the human situation and the possibilities that the Dharma (the teaching of the Buddha) presents for us as we try to navigate it. The Bhavachakra or Wheel of Life is both a teaching tool and a mirror. It vividly illustrates the workings of the Buddha’s insight into conditionality and karma. Yet, when we look into it, we see ourselves: our pleasure, our pain, our reactivity and habits – and our potential for liberation. The Spiral Path maps the process of unfolding confidence, happiness and freedom when we step off the wheel of habit and learn to navigate life with greater awareness and creativity. 

Join us as we meditate together and consider how these images and the wisdom they convey can help us stay connected to a positive vision of what it means to be human in these challenging times.

We are currently meeting online on Zoom until the covid transmission rates in Rockingham County go down again. Sessions are from 10 to 11:30am. Join us for the whole series, or drop in as you like. All are welcome! Suggested donation of $10-$15. Your donations help cover our rent and support our programs and teachers.

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