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Week I: Mind in Harmony - References

On Sun, 25 September, 2016 - 23:57
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Thank you to those who attended this morning’s community gathering, week one of Mind in Harmony. It was a pleasure to meet you all. As promised, here are a few resources that I mentioned today.

Mindfulness and the Mind, Dh. Subhuti, Madhyamavani, Issue 8, 2003

What is Mind? By Dhammadinna, 2001 Recorded talk given at the Triratna Buddhist Order Convention, 2001. Available on Free Buddhist Audio.

Know Your Mind, Sangharakhita, Windhorse Publications, 1998.

Mind in Harmony, Subhuti, Windhorse Publications, 2015.

The suggested ‘homework’ I have for this week is to take a few minutes each day to pause and ask yourself what the nature of your mind is at that very moment - are your thoughts wholesome or unwholesome, skillful or unskillful? Just noticing, mind watching mind.

For those of you interested in maps and compasses, here is the map of the 51 mental states that I passed around today. We won’t be using the whole map in this course, but for those of you like such things, I’m happy to share it.

51 Mental Events

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