Portsmouth Buddhist Center

Upcoming Mitra Ceremony for Penelope

On Sat, 25 May, 2019 - 19:51
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Portsmouth Buddhist Center is pleased to announce the Mitra Ceremony for Penelope Morrow on June 30, 9:30 am. Penelope has been a steady and inspiring member of our community for many years. As a professor at the University of NH, she arranged to bring hundreds of students to Aryaloka Buddhist Center over several decades. It was when to her delight that she learned Portsmouth Buddhist Center was established just a few blocks from her home that she started attending meditations and sangha mornings regularly. After many years of exploring many paths of spiritual awakening, she is enthusiastically dedicating herself to exploring more fully her love for the Three Jewels - the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha - with the Triratna Buddhist Community. We are very happy for her to take this step in her Buddhist practice and invite all beings, both far and wide, to join us in this celebratory occasion.

Sunday June 30, 9:30 am
Gateway Taiji, 875 Islington Street, Portsmouth NH

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