Portsmouth Buddhist Center

Ugliness and beauty in our experience of things

On Fri, 16 February, 2018 - 21:41
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Sunday, 9.30am-12pm 
We’re deep into our new series for January and February: Embracing the Winter of Things. The depths of winter create a context for us just to be more fully with our experience, accepting endings and considering new beginnings, allowing new light and color to arise. This week, on Sunday February 18, we’ll start our last two-week topic of contemplation by exploring how we respond to unpleasantness in the conditions shaping our lives. And we will learn to sit with awareness that both ugliness and beauty are part of reality. 

Dh Narottama will lead us this week. You can enjoy this program either as part of the series or as a stand alone Dharma morning. Join us this Sunday for meditation, community and stillness as we explore how we can find beauty through paying attention to impermanence and the nature of things.

Please arrive no later than 10AM if you plan to join us for the morning. Offered by donation: $10-$5 suggested.

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