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Two Celebrations - One Sangha!

On Fri, 15 July, 2016 - 03:22
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Wherever you live on the Seacoast, we’re excited to invite you to join us at Portsmouth Buddhist Center each of the next two Sundays  – 10am-12pm – for some great community celebrations…

Dharma Day (July 17th)
Every year, on or near the full moon in July, Triratna Buddhists around the world come together to connect and reflect together on the unbroken lineage of the Buddha’s teaching – the Dharma – as it’s come down to us, person to person, across millennia. A miracle of shared human knowledge and continuity in which we play a direct part as Buddhists today, carrying the same torch to pass on to others. We’ll gather and evoke a spirit of appreciation and delight in the words of the Buddha and the teachings that have flowered from them. 

Bring your favorite Dharma reading to share on this special day! And let’s call forth as much as we can of truth and joy together…

Listen to talks about Dharma Day 

A Mitra Ceremony (July 24th)
Our friend Patience has decided to become a Mitra (= friend) in our community! It’s another occasion to celebrate, and to witness someone’s heartfelt decision to take a step of genuine commitment on her spiritual path. Let’s give her plenty of support! It’s also a great opportunity to reflect on our own inner commitment to the practice of the Dharma in community with others. And if you’re already a Mitra you’ll have a chance to reaffirm that as part of the ceremony for Patience. It promises to be a great morning - and a full house - so come early and help honor Patience’s contribution to the Seacoast sangha.

Read more about becoming a Mitra

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