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Sunday Series: The Three Jewels of Buddhism

On Thu, 25 August, 2016 - 14:46
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For the next four weeks, August 28-September 18, in our Sunday community gathering, we will be exploring our relationship to the Three Jewels of Buddhism.  These are the Buddha (the Awakened One), the Dharma (the teachings of the Buddha), and the Sangha (the fellowship of the Buddha’s followers).  Buddhists the world over also speak of these jewels as three “refuges” from the challenges and dissatisfactions of life as a human being. Join friendly folks from around the Seacoast as we look into how we might find support in the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha as we strive to accept and work creatively with the conditions shaping our experience.

Each Sunday session is from 10AM to 12PM and will include a period of meditation as well as an opportunity for group sharing and conversation.  All are welcome.  Offered by donation, $10-5 suggested. 

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