Portsmouth Buddhist Center

Sunday Program: Round and Round It Goes - Patterning of the Mind

On Thu, 29 September, 2016 - 14:43
shraddhavani's picture

This Sunday, October 2, 10AM - 12PM, we continue our exploration of mind and mental events, led by Dh. Viriyalila. In the complicated and conflicted times we live in, learning to work with our minds is, from the Buddhist perspective, the essential skill for living ethically and finding equanimity.  This week, Viriyalila will help us grasp the concept of karma and see how it can bring greater clarity to our understanding of mental processes.  Here is what she says: 

Karma is one of the most common concepts associated with Buddhism; it is also very easily misunderstood. Do we know what it means and how it works? Our patterns of behavior, and our habitual responses, can be described as samskaras (karma formations), but our karma is not always at play when things happen. We’ll learn about the five niyamas - a classification of the various causes and conditions that give rise to phenomena. How does all this relate to Mind in Harmony? In the Buddha’s words, come and see!

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