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Sunday Program: On Rainbows - Multi-colored Guardians

On Wed, 12 October, 2016 - 18:09
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Join us in Portsmouth on Sunday, October 23, 10AM-12PM, for our continuing conversation on “Mind in Harmony.” We will be exploring Buddhist teaching on how our minds work and how we can work with our minds to attain greater harmony in our relationships to self and others.  This is our regular community gathering, and all are welcome!  Dh. Viriyalila will be our leader for meditation and discussion.  Here is what she has to say about this week’s topic:

“There are two guardians of the mind that arise like a multi-colored rainbow to guide us on our journey. In Sanskrit, they are hri and apatrapya, which Sangharakshita translates as ‘self-respect’ and ‘respect for wise opinion.’  These two mental states are all about how we respond when we realize – either through our own observation or through comparison to the actions of those whom we respect – that our actions have not lived up to our ethical ideals.” 

On the series as a whole: ”Mind in Harmony.” What does a mind in harmony look and feel like? In Buddhist practice, we emphasize ethics of body, speech and mind. We engage in meditation to calm the mind and infuse it with positivity. In doing so, we inadvertently become more aware of our patterns of behavior and how they are an expression of what’s happening in our minds. How do we see others? How do we understand our difficult interactions? How do we choose to respond when we feel hurt or disappointed?  In this short course we’ll explore how we can use mindfulness of the present moment, along with compassion for self and others, to bring the mind into harmony with itself and the world around us.

Sunday mornings, 10AM-12PM.  All are welcome.  Offered by donation: $10-5 suggested.

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