Portsmouth Buddhist Center

Staying on the Path with Perfect Effort and Perfect Mindfulness

On Thu, 7 December, 2017 - 16:29
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Our ongoing series, Where Are We Going and How Can We Get There? continues this Sunday December 10, 9:30AM-12:00PM.  Dh. Viriyalila will again lead the morning activities, starting with greetings and meditation.  PBC Mitra Ginny Karwowski will support, as we delve into Effort and Mindfulness as steps on the Buddha’s Noble Eightfold Path. Please arrive no later than 10AM if you plan to join us for the morning.

This is our regular community gathering and all are welcome. Offered by donation: $10-$5 suggested.

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Is there anyone can help me out I had been to vipasana meditation center last year. I do practicse daily but now so many thoughts are coming into mind and started overthinking how to handle that.