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Simplify To Sustain - The Radical Buddhist Approach to Living Happy in Post-Plenty America

On Tue, 23 June, 2015 - 20:19
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Summer Friends’ Night Series at the Portsmouth Buddhist Center

Since 2008 and the financial crash, many people have found themselves wondering how and if the values they hold can be reflected in key areas of their lives: home, family, friendship, work, civic responsibility, consumption. Over these six weeks of summer we’ll be looking to an ancient but deeply relevant source for some pointers about how we might both live a simpler life and restore our personal and collective sense of practical values as a basis for re-engaging with the world as we find it.

The teachings of the Buddha as first collected are designed to help individuals transform themselves and their society in the light of mindfulness and kindness. We’ll be taking a whole-hearted, holistic approach to considering what this means for ourselves and for others. Using meditation, reflection, inquiry and discussion, and friendship we’ll be forming a community together in which we can better understand and put into practice the Buddha’s radical, urgent call to change and simplify our lives.”

Each week we’ll explore all this in relation to a specific realm of experience. And we’ll be starting at ‘home’ - whatever that means for us. A place to live, a nation, a set of ideals. Home - where we’d like to be ourselves, where we start out and return to each day. Where we need to find the qualities the Buddha recommends we develop in order to live happily and well… Join us for a look at what it might be to live content and free at home!

Join us at the Portsmouth Buddhist Center, every Wednesday from 6.30-9pm. This course is offered by donation (suggested $10/5 per week). 

Begins July 8th and runs for six weeks. It’s not necessary to come every week - but if you are able to, fantastic!

July 8th: home (Candradasa)
July 15th: family (Suddhayu)
July 22nd: friendship (Candradasa)
July 29th: work (Candradasa)
August 5th: consumption (Candradasa)
August 12th: civic responsibility (Suddhayu)

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