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Shutdown Samsara! An Everyday Path to Nirvana

On Tue, 5 January, 2021 - 16:07
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There are many opportunities in the Seacoast Area for online Dharma practice. As we continue to navigate the difficulties of pandemic shutdown, let’s shutdown the cycle of suffering with meditation, inspiring teachings, and loving community! This winter — break the wheel!

Aryaloka Tuesday Friends’ Evenings: The Buddha Then, Awakening Now — For the Winter of 2021 we’ll be exploring important themes from the life of the Buddha, discovering how his example informs and inspires our own journey now. The life of the Buddha holds themes that are timeless and universal in their relevance and application. Come discover how these ancient stories can unfold in the themes of your own life, revealing your own potential for Awakening! Click here to join any Tuesday, 7-8:30pm.

Portsmouth Buddhist Center Sunday Mornings: Samsara Hacks | Dharma for Everyday Life and Liberation — The teaching of the Buddha, known as the Dharma, is not meant for dusty bookshelves. The Dharma is a living practice that is renewed every moment in the minds and hearts of those who live by this wisdom. Samsara is the cycle of life and death in which we wander. Each week we’ll hear of favorite approaches to modern Dharma practice, finding ways to relieve suffering in ourselves and the world, to break the cycle of reactivity and discover the freedom that unfolds there. Click here to join any Sunday, 10-11am.

Transform Your Life With Meditation: A four-week online course on Monday evenings, Jan 11 to Feb 1, 6:30–8pm. Meditation practice helps us to develop contentment, clarity, integration, concentration, and a sense of peace. Whether you’re just looking to find some stillness in your life, or to directly explore the nature of consciousness, this class is a great way to begin! Click here for more info or to register.

Change Your Mind — Change the World | The practice of transforming mind, heart and community (East Coast Regional Retreat 2021 – Jan 15–18) Buddhism works because our minds are changeable. The Buddha taught that the mind is not a fixed thing; the mind is more like an ever moving and responding network of habits and processes. It is because of this fluidity, that we can approach our minds as a work-in-progress, or even as living art, shifting from limiting and painful habits to expansive and gladenning momentums. Click here for more info or to register.

A Retreat with Nagabodhi, Feb 20–21 (details coming)

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