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Sangha Nights - November

On Mon, 4 November, 2013 - 22:15
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In November Suddhayu will lead a series of Reflections, followed by several evenings dedicated to deepening our Meditation practices in December. Perfect timing for turning inwards as we move into the winter months.

November Reflections on Faith, Kindness and Gratitude

6 reflections on faith
13 puja with mitra ceremony
20 reflections on kindness
27 reflections on gratitude

Given that Buddhism is not theistic, what role does faith have in Buddhist practice? Is kindness a practice? There will be an evening dedicated to discussing the challenges presented by the metta bhavana practice, and the challenges of our day-to-day lives as we attempt to bring a heart of kindness to all our activities. And then there is gratitude - an integral quality of mindfulness and kindness. Our discussion on this evening will focus on how gratitude can be approached as a practice, enriching our lives and the lives of those around us.

Deepening Meditation in December

4 the practice of meditation —overcoming difficulties
11 the practice of meditation — what is higher consciousness?
18 meditation practice evening
25 no class due to xmas

What does it mean to practice meditation? We will explore some of the difficulties that can arise when we meditate and techniques to overcome them. Take a practical look at how to recognize and cultivate the qualities that constitute dhyana, or absorption. A deeper experience of meditation is not as far away as you may think! And then on December 18th join us for a Meditation Practice Evening. Like anything you want to do well, meditation takes time and practice. This evening is a great opportunity to do so! We will have two periods of sitting on this evening, with a break in the middle.

Buddhists around the world gather together to meditate, build friendships and ponder the Dharma together - to deepen their experience and understanding of what the Buddha taught. We welcome anyone interested in learning more about Buddhism to join us for Sangha Nights. Offered by donation, $10 suggested.
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