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Pathways to the Sublime: Exploring New Territories in Meditation

On Tue, 23 June, 2015 - 20:48
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If we’re not careful, our meditation practice can plateau, or we might even develop some bad habits in how we approach meditation. The stories of great masters who moved through the dhyanas like fish in water can seem like distant faerie tales. But for many of us, some extra time on the mat coupled with a fresh look at what our minds tend to do when meditating, can lead us to new and inspiring vistas.

August 16th, 10 - 1 pm with Suddhayu

During these practice mornings we will focus on learning how to identify the things that make meditation difficult and look at how to remedy them. We will explore the different aspects of higher consciousness, or dhyana-factors, and learn to identify and cultivate them in our direct experience. There will be ample time for meditation exercises as well as discussion emphasizing the particular experience of the participants.

Offered by donation, $20-40 suggested Register here!

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