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Opening to Amazement and Joy as a Condition for Insight

On Thu, 20 September, 2018 - 14:09
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Week 4 of Our Fall Series: Being With Ourselves, Knowing Ourselves – How To Hold Our Experience In A Complicated World

Sunday, September 23, 9.30am-12pm
This week we will continue our exploration of Spiritual Receptivity as part of our new season for fall at the PBC. Shraddhavani is our host and guide this week as we approach the whole practice of spiritual openness from a different angle. So often we speak of training our hearts and minds to attend to what is happening when things are difficult. That’s essential. No less crucial is building on our practice of positive emotion to cultivate and allow to bloom inside a profound capacity for appreciation, amazement and joy. 

When we are enjoying forest groves in solitude, dwelling in gardens of delight, or rejoicing in the good done by many people, what does it feel like when the mind settles within a mature, insightful, peaceful experience? How does this help us see the nature of reality more clearly? And what can we do to deepen our capacity for such openness?

Prepare to be amazed! 

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