Portsmouth Buddhist Center

New Sunday Series: Where Are We Going and How Can We Get There?

On Fri, 10 November, 2017 - 14:15
shraddhavani's picture

In our upcoming Sunday gatherings, November 12 - December 17, following a period of meditation, we will explore the Buddha’s Noble Eightfold Path as a take on how to be a better human being in the world. Another name for this teaching, offered by Sangharakshita, is “Vision and Transformation.” This way of looking at it invites us to connect with the seed of inspiration or insight that has drawn us to the spiritual path. In that light, we take up the remaining steps on the path with an understanding that our goal is to evolve in the direction of our vision in our emotions, our speech, our action, our livelihood, our effort, our awareness and our consciousness.  Each week a member of our women’s Mitra study group will share her understanding of and experience with one of the steps on the path.

This series will run for 5 weeks. No meeting on November 26. Offered by donation: $10-$5 suggested.  This is our regular Sunday gathering and all are welcome.

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