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New Sunday Series on the Mind Starting September 25

On Thu, 15 September, 2016 - 21:03
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Mind in Harmony: Inspired by the title of Subhuti’s book on working with the mind, Dh. Viriyalila will lead a six-week program of meditation and exploration of this all-important topic in our weekly Sunday morning community gathering.  Join us for “Mind in Harmony,” starting September 25.  Viriyalila writes:

What does a mind in harmony look and feel like? In Buddhist practice, we emphasize ethics of body, speech and mind. We engage in meditation to calm the mind and infuse it with positivity. In doing so, we inadvertently become more aware of our patterns of behavior and how they are an expression of what’s happening in our minds. How do we see others? How do we understand our difficult interactions? How do we choose to respond when we feel hurt or disappointed?  In this short course we’ll explore how we can use mindfulness of the present moment, along with compassion for self and others, to bring the mind into harmony with itself and the world around us.

Sunday mornings, 10AM-12PM.  All are welcome.  Offered by donation: $10-5 suggested.

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