Portsmouth Buddhist Center

New Shrine Room

On Sun, 24 February, 2013 - 15:51
viriyalila's picture
This month we decided to move things around a bit at the Portsmouth Buddhist Center. There will be some new tenants moving into the third floor, and with that, a little construction on the left side of the suite to change the layout between the two floors. In response to those changes, following the creative direction of Danakamala, who is amazing with making spaces beautiful and functional, we transformed the middle room back into a shrine room.

The space is bigger, practically accommodating more people for meditation, but also feels more spacious, creating a more expansive experience in which to practice. We’ve also created a secondary shrine room in the little room at the front so that we can provide instruction and support to new meditators. Both spaces are quite lovely.

Thank you, Danakamala, for working your magic at the Buddhist Center. And thank you to all who come to create a community space where we can support our practices of meditation and Buddhism, taking them to greater heights and greater depths.

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