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Money Makes The World Go Round

On Fri, 13 October, 2017 - 17:47
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What role does money play in our sense of identity, our self-worth and our feelings of personal security? This week we’ll be looking at what the Buddha’s pragmatic, ethical perspective on human happiness has to offer us in a world where money - or the pursuit of it - matters perhaps more than ever. Join us in exploring questions spiritual and economic with our guest speaker Amalavajra, visiting from the UK.

A former broker in London with J.P. Morgan, Amalavajra’s own journey has taken him from high society in England to riding the Greyhound bus across America and selling books door to door in Tennessee!

Hosted this week by our friends at the beautiful Gateway Taiji, Qigong & Yoga Studio, 875 Islington Street.​

Listen to the story of his transformation from banker to Buddhist here

Part of our continuing 5-part series: Money, Sex, God, Death, America!

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