Portsmouth Buddhist Center

Meditation Flash Mob on Election Day

On Mon, 7 November, 2016 - 22:06
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Join us outside Portsmouth Middle School November 8, for a global, synchronized meditation for peace and mutual respect on election day – 6-7PM.  Organized by Elevate the Vote.  Bring warm clothes, something to sit on, and your device to listen to a live podcast led meditation, to be followed by a half hour of silent meditation. Here’s what Elevate the Vote says about this strictly non-partisan event:

Hundreds of Meditation Events are unifying on November 8th,
US Election Day, to bring inner peace to the front lines of the election and share a message of respect, kindness, and care for
each other regardless of political perspectives.
Elevating the Vote, the Election, the Nation, and the World - TOGETHER

You can also join a group at Little Harbor school polling place or connect to the podcast and meditate individually anywhere. Find more details and links to the podcast: here.

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Shaun here in Worcester MA. I’m with you. Going to the New England Buddhist Vihara in Grafton, MA tonight for meditation. I will be doing metta bhavana for peace and respect. Let this be the start of a renewed Buddhist Peace movement.