Portsmouth Buddhist Center

Lunchtime Meditation: Kindness for Self & Others

On Sun, 7 February, 2021 - 21:24
Suddhayu's picture

Lunchtime Meditation: Kindness for Self & Others; Fridays 12-12:50 PM

Take a break in the middle of your day to connect to a sense of benevolence. Learn to meditate or find support for your practice. The focus will be on the Metta Bhavana, or Cultivation of Loving Kindness, meditation. This is a traditional Buddhist practice that lays the foundation for skilfullness and positive emotion. Developing metta is also an antidote to feelings of alienation and anxiety that can arise all too easily in these times of pandemic and polarization. This course will give you basic skills for meditation and mindfulness and support you in developing a meditation practice. Book here.

Dh Shraddhavani will lead the course. A member of the Portsmouth Sangha since 2011, Shraddhavani was ordained in 2018. Her name means “voice of trust and confidence.” She teaches and leads meditation regularly in our weekly Sangha gatherings and other venues, and her dedication to practice rests on twenty-five years of experience with yoga and meditation.

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