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Introduction to Meditation: Mindfulness

On Fri, 27 December, 2013 - 18:59
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The breath is such an amazing point of reflection and meditation. These courses are not just for beginners! Brush up on your breath awareness with a fresh approach to practice. This Saturday, 10 - 1 pm, with Suddhayu at the Portsmouth Buddhist Center.

Our meditation courses provide a foundation in how to work effectively with your mind, teaching you how to concentrate, become less distracted, calmer and more emotionally positive. In this session we will be learning the Mindfulness of Breathing meditation.

Introduction to Meditation: Mindfulness
February 15, 2014, 10 - 1pm

Led by Suddhayu, $40-$20 suggested donation

You may also be interested our Introduction to Metta Bhavana or cultivation of loving kindness meditation on March 16th.

Register here: portsmouth [at] thebuddhistcenter.com (subject: Registration%20for%20Intro%20to%20Meditation%20) (portsmouth@thebuddhistcent)portsmouth [at] thebuddhistcenter.com (subject: Registration%20for%20Intro%20to%20Meditation%20) (er.com)
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