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The Inspiration of the Buddha

On Thu, 9 June, 2022 - 01:08
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Meditation, Dharma, Community — Every Sunday, 10-11:30am at Gateway Taiji in Portsmouth or online on Zoom

This summer we’ll be gathering to meditate and explore stories from the Udāna.
The Udāna is one of the oldest collections of the Buddha’s teaching, and includes some of the best known and influential tales and teachings. 

Atha kho bhagavā etam-atthaṃ viditvā tāyaṃ velāyaṃ imaṃ udānaṃ udānesi —
Then, on realizing its significance, the Lord uttered on that occasion this inspired utterance

Whether you’re new to Buddhism or have been practicing many years, the teachings of this vital text will bring inspiration and depth to your summer!

Click here to join on Zoom. Click here to make a donation.

How are we coming together safely?
In line with Gateway’s policy, we are requiring that all in-person participants be fully vaccinated vs Covid-19. If you are not vaccinated, you may still participate via Zoom.
If you have cold or flu symptoms, we ask that you do not attend in-person, but please attend on Zoom.
Gateway has installed Hepa filters in their HVAC system for air purification.
We will practice social distancing indoors.
Masks are currently optional.
*Please let us know if you have questions or concerns about how we’re coming together.

Please bring your own water bottle or thermos; we have meditation cushions and chairs at the studio. Join us for the whole series, or drop in as you like. Suggested donation of $10-$15. Your donations help cover our rent and support our programs and teachers.


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