Portsmouth Buddhist Center

Imagining The Word - Sangha Morning June 12th at the PBC

On Wed, 8 June, 2016 - 19:39
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This Sunday – 10am-12pm – at the Portsmouth Buddhist Center we’ll be continuing our informal exploration of the role of imagination in Dharma practice - in meditation itself, and in looking at how we respond to whatever arises via the mind and the five senses through the course of our days.

As ever we’ll sit together, we’ll talk and share what moves us. You’re also invited to bring with you any piece of writing that has inspired your own spiritual life. It could be a poem, a passage from literature, a Dharma text, anything that moves you! Read it amongst friends and share its magic with us all…

In future weeks we look at ways to share other kinds of media (pictures, video, objects) - but this week it’s the mighty WORD as potent carrier of meaning and depth, mystery and the creative lode of life itself.

Come, bring your words and your silence, join the conversation, and see what a quietly radical community feels like. Help us build sangha by imagining the Dharma together!

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