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Heart of Glass: How to Live and Help in a World that Breaks Your Heart

On Thu, 5 November, 2020 - 15:24
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Sundays, 10am-11am EST, Nov 8th–Dec 27th

One of the beautiful mysteries of kindness, is that through our vulnerability we become stronger. Fear, hatred and craving contract the heart and leave us feeling heavy, in pain and exhausted. Kindness frees us, and brings the energy and courage to face life’s difficulties. Kindness opens the door to friendship and community. Through kindness we learn that we are not alone in this, that we can embody the best qualities of our humanity, and that we can support those qualities in others.

In our next Sunday series of meditations and short talks, we will explore two core Buddhist teachings for the liberation of the heart and the building of transformative community: The Brahma Viharas or ‘Divine Abodes’ and the Samgrahavastus or ‘Means of Unification’ Join us on Zoom for the whole series, or drop in as you like. All are welcome! Suggested donation of $5-$15 per gathering. Click here to donate and let us know you’re coming.

Nov 8 Transform your Life with Kindness

Nov 15 Deepen Connection with Compassion

Nov 22 Free Yourself with Happiness 

Nov 29 Find your Ground with Equanimity

Dec 6  Generosity and the Blossoming of Spiritual Community 

Dec 13 Kindly Speech and the Practice of Being with Others

Dec 20 Compassion in Action: The Stars of a Constellation

Dec 27 The Resonance of a Life Well-lived

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