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Foundations of Buddhist Practice

On Tue, 6 August, 2013 - 21:19
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As the harvest comes into full swing, we thought we’d take some time to look at the conditions for abundant growth, spiritual growth that is!

Join us for our Sangha Night, every Wednesday, 7 - 9 pm, doors open at 6.45 pm. This autumn we will be exploring the Foundations of Buddhist Practice. We begin the evening with meditation, offering instruction and support for those who would like it. The second half of the evening we will be exploring the following topics as a foundation to Buddhist practice, as listed below. The evening is offered by donation, $10-5 suggested. If you have not visited us before, feel free to drop us an portsmouth [at] thebuddhistcenter.com (subject: Visiting%20the%20Portsmouth%20Buddhist%20Center) (email) and let us know when you will be coming for the first time. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about Buddhism, Meditation, Buddhist Practice, and the Triratna Buddhist Community (and of course, not limited to those!).

7 The Four Sights and Going Forth
14 The Middle Way
21 The Bodhi Tree and the Three Poisons
28 A Pool of Lotuses

4 The First Teaching
11 Pingiya’s Praises
18 The Fire Sermon
25 The Buddha’s Discourse
on Loving Kindness

portsmouth [at] thebuddhistcenter.com (subject: Sign%20me%20up%20on%20your%20mailing%20list) (Join our mailing list!) We will be moving to our new location late September. Stay up to date with all of our happenings as well as our moving date!

Portsmouth Buddhist Center
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