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Exploring Buddhism and Creativity: Development of Loving-kindness through Creative Endeavors

On Mon, 28 December, 2015 - 21:03
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Exploring Buddhism and Creativity: Development of Loving-kindness through Creative Endeavors

Day Retreat: Saturday, January 30th, 2016  9 am -4 pm

Have you ever created something and felt a connection to the people and world around you, a sense of generosity, and an experience of “being in the creative flow”? Answered yes or even no but still interested?

We are offering a unique opportunity to directly learn the connection between creativity and spiritual practice. In this exciting, perhaps even life-changing, workshop come explore your creative/spiritual self and how Buddhism and Art can be mutually inclusive. Exercises and discussions will help to examine the richness inherent in your own practice and open new space for your imagination.

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“You are invoking some higher power which seems to be outside you but which in truth is your own highest self, whence any true artistic creation proceeds.”    -Sangharakshita


Viriyagita, Triratna Buddhist Order, meditation & Buddhist practitioner of 25 years

Rhonda Mann Miller, Triratna Mitra, Lifelong artist and Art Teacher

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