Portsmouth Buddhist Center

Elements of Buddhist Practice — Vision and Transformation

On Mon, 30 March, 2015 - 05:59
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Perhaps you’ve learned to meditate and have an interest in Buddhism. You’ve heard mention of practicing meditation, of practicing Buddhism — but what does this mean? In what ways are meditation and general Buddhist teaching considered practices, and how does it all fit into the greater scheme of modern life? What are the difficulties? What are the benefits? Please join us for a lively and practical exploration of the Noble Eight-fold Path at our Wednesday evening Friends’ Night, 7-9 pm. By donation.

Friends Night this Spring at Portsmouth Buddhist Center

8 Perfect Vision
15 Perfect Emotion
22 Perfect Speech 
29 Perfect Action 

6 Perfect Livelihood
13 Perfect Effort 
20 Perfect Mindfulness
27 Perfect Samadhi 


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