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The Eight Worldly Winds

On Wed, 6 March, 2013 - 14:50
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Khemavassika will be our guest speaker tonight at Sangha Night, Wednesday, March 6th, offering a talk on the Eight Worldly Winds.

The Eight Worldly Winds is a teaching from the Buddha that reminds us that ‘life is full of ups and downs, circumstances – large or small – that can trigger craving or aversion, hope or despair, longing or fear, or that can elicit from us a more creative and noble response: generosity, kindness or understanding.’ Gain and loss, fame and infamy, praise and blame, pleasure and pain, these are the Eight Worldly Winds.

Sangha Nights at the Portsmouth Buddhist Center, every Wednesday, 7 - 9 pm. Offered by donation, $10-5 suggested. We begin with meditation, support and guidance available, followed by presentation and discussion on a Buddhist teaching or practice.

Starting next week, March 13th, a 10-week series: Walking, Running and Stumbling along the Noble Eight Fold Path with Viriyagita and Suzanne.

Everyone is welcome.

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